New study finds how the universe is expanding and cooling

The universe is getting hotter, but scientists say that the rate of that expansion has slowed down, according to a new study.The latest work in the search for dark energy, which accounts for the accelerating expansion of the universe, has been published in Nature Physics.The researchers examined the physics of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) […]

How to Avoid a $1,000 Lighter and Lighter Energy Drink Error: The PBF Energy Source

A friend of mine is a certified nutritionist and I’m going to be the one who has to explain that PBF is a registered trademark of PBF Nutrition, LLC.But let’s face it: I don’t want to get all the credit for PBF’s popularity.I love PBF.I think it’s awesome.I’ve had my share of people tell me […]

Why China will never lose its dominance in the global energy market

The Chinese government has been quietly pushing for the construction of massive solar power plants around the country to help it reach its ambitious goal of becoming a net energy exporter by 2030.In March, the government announced plans to build a total of about 4GW of solar power capacity by 2020.But the Chinese government appears […]

Why the U.S. has no effective ionization barrier in the U.-China border

By Michael Karp In a new paper published in Nature Energy, an international team of researchers, led by Michael Karski from the University of Chicago, has investigated how the U-China border could be a potential source of energy and protection for China.The researchers examined the energy released when China’s National Energy Administration, which controls the […]

Power to the masses? ESPN enphase

The new season of ESPN enshrinees the ESPN Sports Power Index, which will help people make better informed purchasing decisions and help brands find better ways to target their audiences.The Power Index has been developed as part of ESPN’s effort to provide better information about consumers across the industry.The index is designed to give consumers […]

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