When you get a call from a new energy storage company, it’s worth paying close attention to the energy it’s being used for

Posted June 08, 2019 09:59:30A new energy-storage company in New York is launching a business that can power homes with a single-shot electrical power system, a breakthrough that could save millions of dollars in energy bills and energy costs, and reduce the environmental impacts associated with the process.The Energy Storage Institute of New York (ESI […]

Mahayana: An introduction

The Mahayanas (the Vedas) are the oldest Buddhist scriptures.They were written in Sanskrit around 200 B.C. and came to India about 300 years later.The Mahavamsa, a Sanskrit text, was written in the 3rd century A.D. and was the basis for many Buddhist scriptures, including the Bhagavad Gita.The Bauddhas, a Tibetan text written in 9th century […]

Duke Energy in bankruptcy court over electric vehicle costs

Duke Energy’s bankruptcy filing this week has drawn the attention of the automotive industry, as well as a number of electric vehicle advocates.The company announced it is in the process of exiting Chapter 11, the last stage of bankruptcy proceedings, with the filing of a new filing on Wednesday.The bankruptcy filing is for a portion […]

U.S. to spend $6.8B on renewable energy by 2030, Trump administration announces

The United States will spend $4.5 billion to provide more than $6 billion in clean energy incentives to households and businesses, including the construction of more than 700 new wind turbines, solar power plants and water storage systems, the U.N. Environment Program said on Thursday.Trump administration officials had not disclosed details of the new incentives, […]

New study finds how the universe is expanding and cooling

The universe is getting hotter, but scientists say that the rate of that expansion has slowed down, according to a new study.The latest work in the search for dark energy, which accounts for the accelerating expansion of the universe, has been published in Nature Physics.The researchers examined the physics of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) […]

Development Is Supported By

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