How to get your next geothermal power drink: Start with the most expensive

Duke Energy is working on a geothermal energy drink with a $1.3 billion price tag.

That is a significant amount of money for a single drink, but the company says the company is still refining the drink and hopes to sell it in the 2020s.

The energy drink will be available in two flavors, a sweet and sour, with both being $1 a serving.

The drink will have a 12-ounce size and a $4.95 price tag on the company’s website.

The sweet drink will feature a 10 percent ABV, while the sour is 8 percent ABV.

The company says that the drink will help people “live healthier lives and reduce their carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2020,” and that it will be produced with natural ingredients like sugar cane, molasses, and cocoa.

The drink will also be sold in the United States and Canada, and it will include a 12.5-ounce glass that will retail for $6.75.

The beverage will be sold by the drink maker as a single-serving energy drink.

The product is the latest step for Duke Energy, which announced plans in April to launch its own geothermal drink in 2020.

In July, Duke Energy announced it had bought a 25-percent stake in the geothermal startup AltaGas, which is developing a $2.5 billion geothermal plant in Wyoming.