Duke Energy in bankruptcy court over electric vehicle costs

Duke Energy’s bankruptcy filing this week has drawn the attention of the automotive industry, as well as a number of electric vehicle advocates.

The company announced it is in the process of exiting Chapter 11, the last stage of bankruptcy proceedings, with the filing of a new filing on Wednesday.

The bankruptcy filing is for a portion of its assets that includes the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program, the U-verse network of Duke Energy facilities, and its electric vehicle fleet.

The company says that “the filing of the filing does not affect its ability to obtain or renew future capital funding from the U .



Duke Energy’s filing also included a number or portions of the company’s current and future capital commitments.

The new filing indicates that the company is in a transition period and expects to seek additional capital funding in the next few months.

The filing also indicates that Duke Energy has begun to pursue a “strategic investment in an emerging clean energy sector” as part of a strategy to “transform the energy landscape in the U