Energy conservation is going to be a big deal in 2017

Energy conservation and efficiency will be a major theme of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

The first event in the new year is expected to bring new energy-saving devices to the market, and consumers will also be able to save money on new home appliances.

In the US, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved the use of a new energy management feature in new appliances.

The CPSC says that the feature, called Energy Management, allows consumers to control energy consumption using a smartphone app.

The feature is similar to how a home-security system monitors the home and controls the lights and appliances.

Consumer products are also expected to get a lot more energy-efficient in the coming year, thanks to a $1 billion program called the Advanced Energy Efficiency for Home Appliances program.

A new program called Energy Smart Home has also been approved by the Consumer Electronics Association.

That program allows consumers the option to purchase energy-efficiency-enabled devices from an authorized retailer, and they will receive a credit toward their electricity bill.

The program has been criticized for offering no guidance on how to get started, and it’s not clear if it will include the Energy Management feature.

However, the program has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption, and energy efficiency is a huge topic at CES.

There’s also a new home appliance called the Home Energy Smart Thermostat that will be released this year.

It’s expected to offer energy-savings features, and the Thermostats will also include the ability to adjust the thermostat based on the temperature of the home.

A lot of the devices coming out in 2017 are focused on energy efficiency, with more devices expected to incorporate energy-saving features in the next few years.

However of course, energy efficiency and energy-conservation will not be the only topics on the show floor this year, as a number of new technologies are expected to appear.

We recently sat down with two of the CES developers to discuss what we expect to see in 2017.

The CES 2017 developer panel, which is being held on Sunday, is expected the most diverse in CES history.

This year, there will be over 500 attendees from all over the world.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Sperry, the director of the Interactive Advertising & Media Lab at the Consumer Electronic Association.

This is the first time that he’s been on the panels for CES, so we asked him about the conference and what’s happening there.

How did CES 2017 go?

The Consumer Electronics Conference is a two-day event, and you’re seeing more and more companies bring their devices to CES.

For us, it’s a great way to connect with consumers and connect with developers.

What’s your biggest takeaway from CES 2017 so far?

We were super impressed with the amount of innovation that’s taking place in the industry right now.

There are so many new devices being released, and I think it’s just a great time to be in the consumer electronics space.

We have more apps being created by companies all over America, and more and better energy-management technologies are being introduced.

We’re really excited for the future of consumer electronics.

What are some of the key features coming to CES this year?

The first major feature is a new app called the Smart Energy Monitor.

It will show you how much energy you’re using and the percentage of energy you’ve saved so far.

The Smart Energy Tracker app will also allow you to see your energy usage, and then you can choose to save more energy.

There will also soon be a new Energy Management tool that will allow you control energy usage using a phone or tablet.

The second feature is the Energy Smart House Thermosta.

This tool will show how much electricity your home has been consuming, how much your home is saving and how much it’s being used.

We expect the Smart House thermostats to be very popular, and we’re excited to see them on the CES show floor.

What will be your biggest takeaways from CES so far in 2017?

The biggest takeaway for me is that consumers should be able find energy savings options for a lot of different products, and not just one product.

We also expect that the Smart Home products will be more popular, so the Smart Houses will definitely be popular.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in consumer electronics this year and what can we learn from CES to help with this?

One of the biggest challenges in consumer technology is that the technology is just getting more advanced.

We want to be able for consumers to make the smartest decisions about energy use.

It also helps to have the devices that consumers have to actually buy that will save energy.

The most important thing is to have products that consumers are actually going to buy.

We will definitely see more and larger energy-optimized products, but we are also seeing energy-efficiencies in some of these products.

We can look forward to many more innovative products coming out