How to avoid the domino effect and make sure you stay on track

The domino theory is a popular way of thinking about the effects of climate change.

It states that the longer we wait to act on climate change, the more likely it is that it will continue to worsen.

It also posits that if we wait too long to act, we may end up with a more damaging climate change outcome.

It’s been a popular argument, but there are some caveats to consider.

The dominos can occur over a very short time span.

For instance, in the case of the oil and gas industry, the dominos happened in less than 10 years.

And in the coal industry, they occurred in decades.

That means the dominations were not evenly distributed throughout the globe.

Some of the dominaes occurred as soon as the climate system shifted to a warmer climate, and others occurred much earlier.

In fact, in many cases, some dominoes occurred very, very quickly, and some occurred much, much later.

So, while the dominas could occur at any time, they could happen more frequently as the global climate changed.

This means we’re likely to see more of these domino effects.

The next domino to fall may not have as devastating a long-term impact on the climate as others might have, but it could still have severe effects.

If you have any questions about domino domino, the Domino Institute has a full list of domino questions.

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(NPR, 10/13/17)