How to turn the world into a greener place? Business Insider

(via)Business Insider reports that in the next decade, the amount of energy we use in the US will increase by 2% per year.

This would mean that by the end of this century, the country would need to increase the amount it uses in electricity from just over 1.2 trillion kWh per year to 2.4 trillion kWh.

According to the report, a single tonne of CO2 emitted in the United States could be used to power a 1,000-person household for six months.

In contrast, that same tonne in the UK, or 1,965 kWh per month, could supply 1,100 people with a fridge and a washing machine for a month.

In this report, Business Insider looks at energy use trends in different parts of the world and provides data on the amount we use of energy in the world.

The report also looks at the energy intensity of the different energy sources and the different ways they are consumed.

The US uses the most electricity per capita and the highest energy intensity in the developed world, but it is the UK that uses the least energy per capita per capita.