How to make the most of your energy drink: A chemical energy drink guide

The most common and common misconception about energy drinks is that they’re all bad for you, says energy drink specialist John Fagan.

He says it’s best to make your own energy drink.

(CBC News: Erin Kost)”There’s no evidence that energy drinks have any negative effects on your health, period,” says Fagan, who has been writing and lecturing about energy drink products since the 1970s.

He advises you to look for the best ingredients available, and then make your choice from a mix of different types of energy drinks.

He also says that a few energy drinks can be safe, but that they shouldn’t be used by anyone under 18, even for sports like swimming and cycling.

“If you have a young child and they’re not using a lot of them, you could potentially damage them,” he says.

For the record, Fagan says that his advice doesn’t necessarily apply to children, because he only uses them for sports, such as swimming or cycling.

He recommends sticking with a few of the most popular brands that are widely available in Canada.