When Elon Musk launches his new Tesla, we’ll be watching closely

Musk says Tesla’s Model 3 sedan will have a “very low” weight to allow it to go faster and to “be much more fuel efficient.”

The car will have an electric motor in its back, and it will have “very, very, low weight.”

He also says that the car will be able to “run on battery power.”

Musk says Tesla has been working on the Model 3 since January, but the company has only been able to show a few videos of it in action.

We know for a fact that the company is working on a larger version of the car, because it is shown in the first teaser video for its Model 3.

We also know that Tesla is working to create a battery pack with a range of 250 miles, which would be a lot more than the Model S.

Tesla’s Model S is already the world’s longest-selling electric vehicle, selling 1.6 million cars in 2016.

Musk says the Model X, which he is working with BMW to produce, will be about the same.

But while Musk’s goal is to make the Model 5 “very light,” Tesla is also working on making the Model III “a very, very high performance electric car.”

Musk says that “it’s not just about making it as light as possible, it’s about making the car a lot faster and a lot better.”

The company is also adding an electric-assist feature, which will allow the Model IV “to be able take a lot less torque.”

Tesla also plans to add a rear-facing camera that will let it better track people in the car.

The company has been making progress on the Autopilot feature, but Musk says it won’t be ready until later in 2019, at the earliest.

Musk also says the Autosteer feature will be “pretty good.”

It will work in “pretty much all environments.”

It is still a little unclear what will happen to the Autonomous Drive feature that Tesla recently added to the Model E.