Which consumers are still without power?

A massive outage in California this morning caused power to be cut off across a large part of the state, including in Los Angeles.

It also caused the evacuation of thousands of homes.

But a huge portion of the country has also been without power, and as of 3:30pm Pacific, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said that as many as 11 million customers across the country were still without access to power.

In the US, the outage has caused widespread outages, with some customers losing power for as long as five hours.

It was not immediately clear how many were affected in California.

The National Weather Service said it was still assessing the impact.

“As we continue to monitor the situation, we are closely monitoring the situation in California,” it said in a statement.

The storm came as the US and China were locked in a major trade dispute.

The two countries have been negotiating over the terms of their controversial free trade agreement.

China, which had threatened to shut down US Pacific ports if the US did not rejoin the deal, has said it would not retaliate if the trade deal fails.

The US and the US-China Free Trade Agreement (PTSA) have been in the midst of a lengthy negotiation, which has seen the US offer to withdraw from the deal if China does not abide by WTO rules.

The dispute has become one of the most significant international issues on the horizon for both countries.

It has also played out on a geopolitical level, as US President Donald Trump has said he does not want to “bend over backwards” to protect the deal.

It comes as tensions in the Middle East and Europe have risen as the Trump administration seeks to bolster ties with Moscow.

The White House said that the president had instructed his administration to continue “to be focused on our strategic partnership with China and its rising economic and military power”.