How to save money on gas by not buying petrol at the pump

You have to do a bit of maths if you want to save a lot of money on petrol.

So let’s use the example of buying gas for the whole of 2018.

It’s around £9 a litre and the cheapest price you can get is around £4.50 a litres. 

So how do you go about buying the cheapest gas for your home?

It’s easy.

Find out what the cheapest petrol is and then go to the pump to get it.

If you’re buying petrol on the phone you can do this in a few steps. 

Step 1. 

Find out the price of the cheapest price you can find online for the cheapest, lowest price. 

Example: If you live in Birmingham, you can go to and enter the gas price you want for the next 30 days.

You’ll see the cheapest prices on the left hand side of the screen. 

This will be the cheapest for the entire year. 

Next, Step 2. 

Go to the nearest petrol station to find out how much you’ll be paying for petrol.

If you’re using a smartphone you can check the price by looking at the top right corner of the phone. 

Once you’ve found the cheapest cheapest price for the year, you’ll want to find an alternative way of getting petrol. 

For example, if you’re on a two-hour journey, and you only have an hour to spare you might consider switching to a diesel.

If this is the case, you might be able to find a petrol station with a fuel cut-off of 10%, which is about £2.50 per litre, or alternatively you can use the diesel cut-offs. 

If this is your first year buying petrol, you could consider buying gas from a local petrol station. 

Alternatively, you’re not limited to buying petrol online.

If there’s a pump in your area that you can buy petrol from, this could be the perfect way to get a cheap fuel deal. 

But if you’ve only had a few weeks to think about it, it’s not so easy to find petrol at a petrol pump. 

To find out the cheapest fuel you can afford, simply check out the prices for the following years. 

You can also check out other ways of saving on petrol if you can’t find a local station that sells gas. 

Gas is cheap! 

Step 3. 

When you have bought the cheapest amount of petrol, go to your local petrol pump to pay the pump.

This is the easiest way of saving.

Step 4. 

Check the fuel prices and put the petrol you paid into the car and return to your nearest petrol pump and pay the petrol.

You will be able then to pay off the car. 

Do you have a fuel credit card? 

Step 5. 

Use the credit card you’ve saved for this year to pay for your next year’s fuel.

You can check out this information on how to get fuel credits from your credit card at the Gasoline credit card help page. 

What if I need to find more petrol? 

Now that you’ve got your cheapest fuel at the pumps, you have to find something else to fill up the car with.

If that’s the case you can either wait for the price to drop or you can just look for a cheap gas station that has a cut-back of petrol on a regular basis. 

Here’s a few tips to help you find the cheapest place to buy fuel. 

Avoid buying petrol that has already been sold. 

Look out for discounts in local newspapers. 

Pay less for gas than you used to. 

The more you pay for petrol, the less you pay to the government. 

There’s no shortage of cheap petrol to choose from in Birmingham. 

Get the cheapest deal! 

Gasoline prices are usually cheap in Birmingham and even if you have no cash left to pay, you still have options.

You can also shop online for a petrol price to make sure you’re saving money on your next trip. 

Follow the advice below to find the most efficient way to save petrol.