Here’s what you need to know about nextera

Nexteras, which means “the most beautiful” in Spanish, is a Latin American solar company that has been a leader in solar energy for decades.

It has its roots in Argentina, where it started in 1994 and has grown to a global company with a global workforce of about 3,500 employees.

Today, the company has more than 500 employees in more than 50 countries, according to a company statement.

Nexteran solar technology was invented by Argentinean company Nextera, which became the first solar company in Argentina in 1994.

Today it employs more than 2,400 people, according a company spokesperson.

The company, which is based in Buenos Aires, produces solar energy in three different styles, and has a long history in the Argentinean solar sector.

Its founders were originally from Buenos Aires.

In the early 2000s, Nexters first product was the solar lantern, a solar device that allows customers to keep a solar energy source in the house.

The company expanded the product into a range of products, including a lighting kit for the home and a solar power-saving device that is able to keep the lights on when the sun is out.

Since then, Nextara has developed more than 700 products.

Nex teras solar lanterns are now sold in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

Nextara’s CEO, Manuel González, is the son of the founder of NexTERA, Juan Gonzálson, according the company’s website.

The family founded Nex TERA in the 1980s.

It was a family business, said Jorge Gonzállas, the CEO of Nextteras parent company, NeXT, who lives in Buenos Aries.

It is an economic, social and cultural hub for the Buenos Aires community.

The first company was started in Buenos Aragua, which has a population of about 250,000, but is now located in Santiago de Chile, in the central state of Chile.

González said that while Nex Terra has become a leader on the Argentine market, it is still a family-run business.

NeXteras solar lamp with solar panels is shown in this undated photo illustration courtesy of NeXTERA.

A spokesperson for NexTeras said that Nex Teras solar products are designed to help Argentinas maintain their energy independence and energy independence will continue to be an important factor in NexTera’s future.

In addition, the solar products offer energy saving options to its customers, such as solar energy saving lamps that can be easily installed on the roof, and also solar heaters.

The NeX teras product lineup includes: a light for the kitchen that can provide heat, a water-saving water-efficient water heater and an energy saving light to control the energy usage in the home.

The energy saving water heater uses heat to keep water cold, which can reduce the consumption of water.

NeXtera’s energy saving lamp also includes a solar panel and a cooling system to keep it from overheating.

NeXTTERA’s solar products and its energy saving lighting are also available in the United States, which the company said is “the largest market for NeXTTERAs products.”

A spokesperson from NeX TERA said NeXTeras products have become the most popular in the world because of their energy-saving and eco-friendly design.

It also said that in 2018, the brand’s energy-savings product “The Water-Saving Water-Cooling Light” was the most viewed product on NeXtera’s website, with more than 15 million views.